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John Moore Camp

21-24 Augusti



♦  Horse Training Camp  ♦





AUGUST 21 - 24, 2009  ♦  N. LÖTEN, SWEDEN


Join John Moore for an educational experience that will change your relationship with your horse & help you achieve your goals.


Topics of study include :


Teaching your horse the rein and leg aides.


Developing advanced maneuvers with your horse.


The wiring of the horse’s brain & why certain

      training methods are more effective than others.


Applying this information to the dressage horse,

reined cow horse, jumping horse or trail horse.


Developing manners & correcting problem horses.



When you sign up you’ll receive a free DVD

and a free download of John’s book!


Important notice:


John will be scheduling exclusive time each day

for advanced riders only!


To reserve your place at the Training Camp contact

Monica Wedekind at 0280-81036

Also visit John Moore’s website at: